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Mucking about in the shop….


Testing out the new iMacs with built in webcams, in a local superstore, I managed to get these pics uploaded just before we got kicked off…. those pesky kids, eh. Fancy being connected to the world wide web anyway in a store. Some guy was even in there checking out his emails and chatting online to some of his buddies.

Mucking about in a shop (4)....

Mucking about in a shop (2)....

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Picking the grapes again….


So another year in the history of Coyote Vineyard comes to a close, as the grapes have been picked for wine making. Last year, they were harvested by friends and relatives of Annabel, all inexperienced and needless to say it took all day. Although the wine and cheese breaks didn’t help! This year she got in the pros and was finished, having started at 8am, by 2pm.

Leigh was there overseeing, she says, I turned up with the kids a little later, for a short hours picking.

Grape Picking 2006....

The crop this year amounted to around 6 tonnes, up from 4.5 last year, so all the hard work Annabel and Leigh have put in over the last year has paid off.

Other news;

Samuel’s going to be starting soccer/football finally, at the end of October, indoor until after Xmas, which he has been looking forward to. It’ll get him out doing stuff, which has been long overdue.

How’s his shop going I have been asked. Well, t-shirt sales have been building, pretty soon he’ll be looking after us. Due to the enquiries from people in UK and Europe, he has had to open up a shop just for them, so he says. So, using the links on the right of this page, select the shop for where you live. He’s been designing more shirts and jumpers and coats and hats…..

Holly has started her drama lessons again, at the Kelowna Actors Studio. It’s a bit like Stagecoach in the UK, with plenty of singing dancing and acting. They are currently working towards a show in December, of "101 Dalmatians".

Leigh has sold more of her vine quail, with more orders coming in from the local vineyard, aptly named, "Quail’s Gate." A ready made outlet if ever I saw one….

Later this week, I am hoping to start playing badminton again and maybe more aikido if I don’t ache too much. It’s time to start getting into shape, with 35 fast approaching….

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Keeping us out, or keeping them in?….


Just been reading the National Post, online edition and discovered some “alarming” news.

U.S. aircraft on watch along U.S.-Canada Border

Blackhawk helicopters and interceptor jets have begun patrolling Montana airspace along the U.S.-Canada border, and American officials say unmanned drones could be deployed as early as next year.

But the U.S. is playing down the new security measure, claiming it has little to do with Canadians but more to do with the threat of terrorists using Canada as a staging point for attacks in America.

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Nearly At the Top….


View from Mount Boucherie....

Samuel was in charge of the camera, I told him to get us and the lake in. He didn’t do too bad.

We took a hike up around Mount Boucherie over the weekend. The bottom end of Westbank is to the left of the photo, Lake Okanagan is to the right whilst Kelowna itself is behind us to the right.

And at last a bit of wildlife. Woody himself has made an appearance….


Next weekend Leigh is overseeing the grape picking, we have Thanksgiing with the neighbours and my folks get back from yet another return trip to themotherland. So more news soon.