Monthly Archives: November 2006

Picking the Ice WIne Grapes….


So with the snow and the ridiculous temperatures, Leigh volunteered herself for the grape picking at the local vineyard. Wrapped up warm, she headed off out at 7.30am.

Ice Wine Picking....

On the way to work that morning I heard on the radio that the temperature for the day was going to be low enough for someone to get frostbite, -15 degrees centigrade, with the wind chill, nearer -25!! So I was pretty happy to have had avoided the "torture".

And the word is, that we have another snow storm coming in next week. I want to move to Spain….

Oh no, more snow….


Well, after the snow a couple of weeks back, I foolishly thought it would be done for the time being. How wrong could I be.

It’s been snowing now for the past week nearly, on and off. In the first deluge we had nearly 20cm. Deeper than last year. There’s loads of it!

It's been snowing here 1....

No sooner could you clear the drive, when another load came down and you were right back where you started. It’s been worse than last year, as it all came at once and is still coming down as I write. Temperature -10 degree C, and predicted to get colder!

Check out our local rag, The Daily Courier ( for more news and pics from around the area, I’ll also be sticking some more up on the photo album.

Unless I’m too cold to tyoe that is!

The Beautiful Game….


Samuel is enjoying being back on the pitch. He’s had 2 matches now, the first he scored a hatrick, the game being won 8-0! The second was loss, 7-2, although Samuel scored one of their goals, but far more impressive was the way he set up the first one. A free kick just outside the area, and the opposition were clearly expecting the boy to pile drive it through them.

But with a little flick of the ball, he lobbed he delicately over the heads of the opposition onto the awaiting foot of one of his teamates. I was impressed, as were the other parents and coaches. Maybe Manchester United is on the cards after all!

Bring on the next team, I fear the sleeping giant may now be awakening….

No More Chances….


As long as we’re all too busy being very scared, we won’t be asking our politicians what the hell they are doing about the serious issues.

‘Only 50 years left’ for sea fish – There will be virtually nothing left to fish from the seas by the middle of the century if current trends continue, according to a major scientific study.Stocks have collapsed in nearly one-third of sea fisheries, and the rate of decline is accelerating. (Read Article)

PM’s vow to tackle global warming hit by plans to treble flights. – Britain’s airports are planning to treble the number of flights by 2030, despite recent grave warnings about the environmental effects of expanding air travel in the UK. (Read Article)

I want there to be a world left for my kids to live in. I’m trying to do my bit, how about you?