Welcome to the Brave New World….


Last week I was reading about the fingerprinting of children at school, and now this. At some point in time, I hope common sense will return to the general populace and that they may wake up from watching reality tv shows to what is going on around them.

Civil liberties campaigners have expressed concerns over a senior policeman’s idea that taking DNA from babies could help solve crimes. (Read Article)

If anyone can educate me as to the need to have new born babies DNA logged, as if they were criminals before they have even leave the hospital I would love to hear from you.

Other Articles


President Bush maintains that he is fighting a war against threats to the “values of civilised nations”: terror, cruelty, barbarism and extremism. He asked his nation’s interrogators to discover where these evils are hidden. They should congratulate themselves. They appear to have succeeded. (Read Article)

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