Samuel’s 10th Birthday….


10 Years?!?!? Good grief….

For his second birthday in Canada, we took him and 4 friends to the go kart track for a few laps….

 Sam's Birthday Go Kart

4 laps, as fast as you can, pretty simple really. 

Taking a corner

Of course, being his Dad, enititled me to a few laps as well….. Holly couldn’t have managed by herself, those cars are quick….

Mum; “Was that fun, Holly?”
Holly; “Yeah, but I feel a bit sick….”
Mum; “Because of Dad’s driving?
Holly; “Yeah, he was going to fast, round the corners!”

The Daddy and his Daughter....

After the races, we had his cake and pressies along with some tokens for the amusements. We would have done Lazer Tag, but with the temperature in the 37-38 degree area, running around in a hot room wasn’t a good idea at all. So we did the party then went swimming in the lake instead.

Next up, is Holly’s. She’s 8 in July, as she said yesterday, same age as Samuel was when we arrived. Doesn’t time fly.

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