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What does B.C. mean?….


Emmigration? Is it worth it?

I have to renew my driving licence, after the inital 2 years, for $75 and then every 5 years as opposed to every 10 in the UK. $75 a pop, so does Leigh.

Samuel will need braces from the dentist, which is $2000 to start with, not including the nearly $1000 for us to simply get registered with a dentist and get a check up.

The wages, $9-$14 per hour. They dont want to pay you a fair wage, but they make you pay for everything at a high price, from cell phones, which I think, along with a lot of other Canadians, is a total rip off to concert tickets. (If you read the other post, To work for nearly an hour, to simply pay a service charge, I can’t fathom….. I can feel the anger welling up again…..)

As I was told yesterday, "You know what the B.C. stands for? Bring Cash"

At this precise moment, I have to agree. As long as you leave to live somewhere with a house to sell, giving you a simliar sized one, plus cash in the bank, I’m sure you can have a lovely time. I’m not convinced it can be done if you have no money and have to work, starting from nothing.

Sure, everyone needs to work, I don’t doubt that, but I fail to see the logic in having to work doing exactly what you did, for less money whilst everything costs the same or in our case, more. We’re now looking at having to work almost 24 hours a day, giving no chance of a life, which is not really the point of emmigrating for a better one, is it?

In our 3rd year, I don’t want to spend it watching everyone else, ski-ing and wakeboarding whilst I have to work from 7am to 10pm just to survive. For us, that was not what we left the UK for.

Changes are afoot, we don’t want to feel like we’re p**sing in the wind anymore.

Sorry for the grumpy post this morning, but I felt I had to get it off my chest. Let me know if you want to contribute anything on emmigration and the cost of living, or have some advice on what and where we should go next.

Thanks for listening.


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Who Needs 6 Strings?…..


Just been chatting with The Phantom, in Japan, who I’m working with on some music and I was saying I needed to go get some new strings for the guitar.

To which he said, "Ever heard of Seasick Steve?". He dropped a link over to me, saying "…watch him, then tell me you need 6 strings…."



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So, we live in a free world, right? "Support the troops" we’re told, "they’re helping spread our kind of freedom and democracy around the world", right?

Brian Haw has been peacefully demonstrating against the war in Iraq etc, outside the home of democracy in the UK, the Houses of Parliment.

I’ve just received an email from a friend in the UK, my so called "mother land". Normally, I would save this kind of thing for some of my other blogs, but it would seem that things are getting out of hand. "It’ll never happen.", they said…. yeah, right….

Brian Haw violently assaulted then arrested at Downing Street today
Read Full Article @

…..’without warnings the territorial support group moved in and began violently pushing and man-handling people to the pavement. one young woman was grabbed round the throat and dragged. Others were pushed from behind. brian was miving backwards towards the pavement with a camera to his face when officer U1019 lunged at him deliberately and without provocation. the blow was aimed directly at Brian’s face and pushed his camera into his cheek causing a deep wound.

Shortly afterwards, Brian was snatched from the crowd and taken to a police van, from which witnesses heard him screaming. after several minutes he was dragged out of the van looking very alarmed and frightened, and taken to another cell van where he was driven to belgravia police station.

supporters there are worried for his safety, but after an hour of no news, they were told that he was being taken to see the prison doctor. there are concerns about his treatment during that hour. ‘

If this is what we mean by freedom and democracy, it’s not surprising that "they" are not all that interested in it, is it?

Anyone interested in investigating the assault on freedom and liberty in the UK, might like to get ahold of a copy of "Taking Liberties" DVD (, or check it out on You Tube. You might find your eyes opened to what is going on around you.

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At last….


Another hoop jumped through this morning…. Leigh has passed her driving test, on the 2nd attempt.

The last time she was told by her "tester", amongst other useless bits of information about nothing, including Tim Hortons wife being fleeced by Wendy’s, "….well, I can see you can drive, but you know, there a few little things. I know the drivers in Kelowna are terrible, but, you know, you’ve got too much UK driving techniques."

Yeah, right, like nearly 20 years of no collisions, accidents or incidents of any kind. That kind of technique, mate?

Anyway, she’s got it. So, now I can avoid the weekly shop….

Old Post, I forgot….


Having a spring clean of the old computer this morning, I found a post I completly forgot to post, read it if you want,… you probably know about by now anyway. Or at least you should do….So, after the government has committed a staggeringly huge act of criminal negligence,…. ….the papers are pointing out that the morons out there are more than happy to divulge they’re own data anyway, via facebook, or ignoring it all together, and puking up worthless drivel about how/why/what/where/when the english football team failed to get itself into the euro cup competition… Astonishing… the bbc is more concerned about how it’s a ‘bad week’ for the government, than the fact that they’ve just exposed every kid in the country under the age of 16 to ID theft… astonishing…

Revenue refused to omit personal data ‘Apparently it costs too much to protect the private data of the taxpayers who pay for it all! I’ll bet Gordon Brown’s data is well secured!’ Read Full Article @ in Brown takes a 30-point dive as lost data crisis deepens ‘Only about a quarter (26 per cent) of voters said they now considered the Prime Minister’s administration “competent and capable” – down 30 points in almost three months.’ Read Full Article @ more discs missing from tax office as search for data continues ‘At least two more CDs which could leave people open to identity fraud have been reported missing by staff at HM Revenue & Customs this week, it was revealed last night.’ Read Full Article @ to comply ‘In light of the 25,000,000 lost records from the Inland Revenue, I am urging everyone to stop and think about their own personal data for a moment. For far too long, the Government has regarded our personal and private data as their own. If they want that information, we MUST hand it over, regardless of the rationale. We are not told what any of the specific information is used for or why they need so much of it, what they intend to do with it and we are expected to comply.’ Read Full Article @

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Take Off!….


Just going through some of the pics taken in the last few weeks.

Every year, so far, we’ve headed up to Crystal Mountain, or at least the hill, just before you get to the main resort. (I’m sure regular readers will have seen shots of this place before.)

Anyway, people build a couple of "jumps" in the runs and the kids take great pleasure launching themselves into the air, without a sign of fear at all. Must be getting old!

So, Sam is in his element. It took a few shots, but I got him in the end….

Take Off!....

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Mojo’s New Bed….


He loves climbing into things, boxes, bags and so on, but when you’re trying to clean your teeth?…..

Mojo's New Bed....

He spends time outdoors now, a hour a couple of times a day, comes back to the sound of his bowl being tapped and we’ve seen him halfway up the mountain behind the house. Only during the daytime though, as it starts to get dark, the coyotes have been known to feast on the odd neighbourhood cat. But Mojo is clearly an outdoor cat, it would be unfair on him to keep him locked up indoors. So, he’s going to have to fend for himself.

And, yeah, he’s becoming a big boy….

Ticketmaster? Greedy B@st@rds….


Finally, a musician stops off in Kelowna, so after 2 and bit years, we can go see some modern day, new music. Great we thought, Xavier Rudd, a great one man/multi instrumentalist is coming to the Okanagan. Grab some tickets while we can. And then we tried to book the tickets….

They’re through Ticketmaster, and they were $29.50 each. Then we got to the credit card processing page and were confronted with a $7.95 "convenience charge", per ticket! What the #$*@ is a convenience charge? And then just so Ticketmaster could wave their exorbitant charges in my face, they have the cheek to then charge me a credit card processing fee of $3.50. So, instead of just under $60 we ended up paying $78.50!

I found a couple of blogs and sites, all complaining about the thing, so if it is for the really tough job of entering some details in their computer how come it needs to be "per ticket"? Surely it means, in our case, you type a "2" for 2 tickets, when you might type "1"…..

Anyway, hopefully my rage at this blatant rip off will have calmed down by then and I can enjoy the gig. Greedy B@st@rds. If you’re reading Xavier, maybe you could book with someone else next time.

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Lazy Saturday….


Last weekend before the kids go back to school on Monday, with nothing much planned….

After thrashing Real Madrid, playing as Barcelona on the Wii, Samuel’s making some chocolate brownies. Holly is tidying her room, again, whilst me and we are supervising the whole show, but we may get our tennis shoes on and have a quick best of 5 on Wii Sports in a minute! Mojo has been out in the snow, what’s left of it, on and off for about an 2 hours, now he’s stretched out on the floor.

We’re thinking of heading up Crystal Mountain later with some sausages to cook on a fire and do a bit of tobogganing. Photos to come if that comes to pass.

Something I added to my list of things to do this year. More pics. I’ve kind of slacked off a bit over the last few months so, I’m reading a couple of things as well as listening to a podcast about improving my photography. Should make a difference, hopefully….

The Wonders of the 21st Century…..


I’m sitting at a table in a cafe at the airport, whilst Leigh’s mum is checking her bags in….

…. and burning her a disc of photos of the latest visit. I am a total Apple Mac convert. Everything is a piece of cake with these things. I hate to quote ads, but really, "they just work." Nothing was as easy as this with my old PC machine.