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A funny thing happened….


"Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans." – John Lennon

Well, there we were, trying to decide what to do next, Vancouver, Toronto, when I get a Skype call from the Phantom, saying I need to get back to the UK, soon, as he may have some gigs lined up and a possible support slot for a band on their European tour in 2009, due to some of the music we have been recording being heard. Funny old world.

So, plans are underway, for a return to the UK, for me and maybe the rest of the clan if projects become more long term. I have a photo assigment scheduled at the start of April for a couple of days, then may leave for the UK from mid April for at least a few weeks, to start rehearsing, do some more recording and to put some finishing touches to the album, which I hope we’ll finally get out in May.

JB @ The Mean Fiddler, London, UK

Exciting times are afoot again, Jesus Boom may be dusting off the old disco shirt for one more stint on the dancefloor as they say…. or as a doctor once said to his captain….

McCoy: You’re hiding. Hiding behind rules and regulations.
Kirk: Who am I hiding from?
McCoy: From yourself, Admiral.
Kirk: Don’t mince words, Bones. What do you really think?
McCoy: Jim, I’m your doctor and I’m your friend. Get back your command. Get it back before you turn into part of this collection. Before you really do grow old.

I knew it was about time I discovered my old ST collection and always thought there was more magic in there, if you got past the wobbly sets…..

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NAFTA’s Legacy….


Ah, the North American Free Trade Agreement….

Just reading the papers this morning and came upon this article, which I think sums it up pretty well….

NAFTA’s legacy: the worst agreement we ever signed

(For the full article

"…..Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canada is an energy "superpower." But NAFTA virtually guaranteed that the U.S. would be the beneficiary of our energy, and it unleashed a massive increase in energy exports to the U.S.

Canada now exports 63 per cent of the oil it produces and 56 per cent of its natural gas to the U.S. And because of NAFTA’s proportionality clause, Canada is legally obliged to continue exporting the same proportion of our oil and gas forever even if we face a shortage.

Next up is our water. The U.S. is already officially into its supply problems and it will, over the next 20 years, become a catastrophic crisis, outpacing even their predicted energy crisis…."

Read the full article  @

Many Canadians have no idea what I am talking about when I broach the subject of NAFTA and the implications to their daily life. Perhaps now might be a good time to switch your cable off and start educating yourself fast. The page where I found this article may be a good place to start.

And for us? Well, I emmigrated to live in Canada, I didn’t leave to live in the US or for that matter, at their mercy….

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Ice Skating….


With ice hockey being the national madness, most Canadians can skate. Having been here for nearly 3 years, we’ve been practising….

Up at the local rink, Mt. Boucherie, every Sunday there is a public skating session. Needless to say, with nothing else on the schedule, we’ve been up there for the last couple of weeks.

Sam’s been skating like a pro from nearly day one, well, winter #1 anyway, but the rest of us have been poor in our up take. Holly had one lesson and then broke her arm, but she’s been a couple of times with her school and has mastered it, getting better each time we go. I’ve got it down to a fine art…. I say art, as in broad smudges, as opposed to delicate brush strokes! Even Leigh has managed to get herself into the middle of the rink at todays attempt.

Ice Skating(1)....Ice Skating(2)....

Ice Skating(3)....Ice Skating(4)....

Don’t think I, or Leigh are going to be entering for the Winter Olympics anytime soon, but at least we’ve finally got our skates on, literally. Mine I’ve had from our first Xmas, and only just used ’em!

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In Concert, with Norman Foote….


On Friday night, Holly was part of the choir, in a concert with Norman Foote….

Norman Foote....

(She’e on the left hand side, as you look at the stage, roughly in the middle….)

They sang for about an hour, along with Norman, the usual fun songs that kids love to sing, with him doing a quick skit with a baby dummy, a baby’s cot, a dirty nappy which he proceeded to throw at the screaming kids along with a water pistol in the cot, making the kids think the baby was pee-ing on him, and then everyone in teh choir (…along with the people in the front row. It had some reach!). Sam, needless to say was screaming in hysterics!!!

So, all in all, a good concert, he had the kids under control, amazingly, with them all singing in time at the right places and the whole thing was a lot more fun than we were expecting.

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