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Rocket Baby, On National Radio!….


Well, that’s another thing to cross off the list of things to do….

Our tune, Rocket Baby, was featured on the 6Music show hosted by Tom Robinson, in the UK. Now I know what it’s like to have and hear your single on the radio! I gotta tell you, it’s weird, but not like anything else. If it goes no further, it’s something that I’m going to remember. The kids heard it and couldn’t believe it, their old man on the radio! I’ll upload an mp3 as soon as I get it, but until then, click here to hear the show. We’re first, straight off the bat, opening the show with the organ swells…. WIK’d!!!

Now, if we can just pull off the possible support slot on an upcoming tour, it’ll top it off, just nicely. (More details of this when I get them. I’m saying nothing more, in case it jinxes it….)

The NoGoingBack Clothing Range…


With nothing much planned, the kids thought it time to update their online clothing store,…

If it keeps them off the Wii and the tv turned off, it’s got to be a good thing, plus it means they get to play around with different colors and styles developing their artistic side. They’ve got NoGoingBack ones, 100% Organic ones and more coming after dinner…. Click Here to visit the NoGoingBack Online Emporium!

Actually, I might have a little play with this myself, when they’ve gone to bed….



I’m begining to wonder what the point of paying 40 bucks a month for internet access is….

It’s a known fact, apparently, that ISP’s out here on Canada, as well as elsewhere, I’m sure, are “throttlin’ the net”, as they say, restricting bandwidth and so on. I’ve encountered this myself, this week, as I’ve tried to send some files I’ve recorded to Phantomville HQ, to no luck whatsoever. I can only assume something is going on….

When I get through to the helpdesk, much the same as other large corporations, I am transfered to a very helpful tech guy in the Phillipines, who, when we have mastered the language problems, seems to get things sorted for me…. of a fashion, but says himself, “Other than that, I’m at a loss as to what’s going on”….

All of this, when, as I type this, using the wireless connection provided by the library, watching Sam at soccer training, I can access the web from many other places. Add to this the intense surveillance that is coming onboard in the UK, the monitoring of emails and webpages, no doubt elsewhere, too, why, exactly am I paying for this?

“It’s the convenience”, or so I’m told. Being throttled when I am trying to transfer important files, is not convenient.

So, for the $40 a month I could save the cash, and go sit in a nice coffee shop somewhere and use the internet there. Meeting people, having a chat and so on, rather than couped up in my office talking to no one. I’ve already had a lady ask me to go show her how to use her Apple Mac as I sit here. So that’s some work as a “consultant” sorted, all thanks to my new “concept”….

So, forty  bucks, plus tax? I’m begining to wonder….

On the Radio….


We’ve made it, finally, to radio! And the BBC no less!!!….

On checking the emails this morning, I had this one, from The Phantom…

Hi Phantomville.
I present a show on 6music and we’d like to play the track, Rocket Baby, most likely in the show that goes out early this Monday. Thanks for the great music
Tom Robinson
Presenter, BBC 6 Music

From THE Tom Robinson, no less!

When I know more, I’ll post it. I know it’ll be on the web for our “fans and followers” from around the world, via their iPlayer. I’ll let you know….

Good Grief….


Just realised I haven’t posted anything for over a month! Where the hell did February go?….

I seem to have blinked and missed the whole month. Must get back to writing and taking some photos. Even the camera has sat on the shelf unused for the last month. What’s going on?

What news from here then?

Sam fractured his wrist clearing the drive one night, only for a week later, having been in a cast, to be told it was nothing more than a bad sprain. All of a sudden the fingers he couldn’t move suddenly sprang back into life and he was playing road hockey later that afternoon.

My old man turned 60, some friends again throwing a surprise party.

We’ve been working on a proper website for the missus to sell some of her artwork online, in readiness for a possible imminent move. Should be finished soon….

I’m trying to put a trip together to South America, possibly Ecuador, for a summer vacation this year. Firstly ‘cos I’ve been thinking about the place for a while after watching and reading about it and also to check out whether we could live there. We’re of the opinion that we’ve had enough of the Okanagan for now and looking for where to go next. I keep hearing and reading good reports of the country. If anyone can give me some information on Ecuador, it would be much appreciated, emails to theboomerverse[at]

Other than that, everything has been a little quiet to say the least. We’re in a state of limbo at the moment and I’m not sure why….