Well, that’s that then. Utterly brilliant….

The title of best live band on the planet, is one that they deserve…. possibly takes the position of best gig Jesus Boom has attended in his short span on what can best be described, as "Planet Muse"….

British rockers Muse deliver supercharged theatrical rock concert

"…. If you had doubts before Thursday night, Muse would not only make you believe, they would downright convert you. With a massive onslaught on the senses, Muse delivered an art-rock concert the likes of which they don’t really make anymore: grandiose and spectacular, yet smart, litterate and 100-per-cent inspired. An absolute triumph."

Read Review in the Vancouver Sun @

The sound was maybe a little off, but apparently the venue is known for that. But, you know what, that’s live gigs for you. If you want it perfect, put the CD on. If you want a show, these guys are what you want. If they come back next year, to a larger venue, we’re going again.

"Muse-eumism", it’s my new word….

One thing though, on the tickets it states, no cameras allowed. And yet, almost every cell phone is now enabled with a camera, some with video capabilites, most with more quality than my old digital one. And everyone has one, other than us of course…. so what’s the point in banning regular cameras at gigs anymore?

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