Monthly Archives: August 2012

And When You Feel You’re Near the End….


Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.
Albert Einstein

Blogging as you will have noticed, has been non existent…

It hasn’t been because nothing has happened, although, not much has, but rather, along with the latest rumblings from Boomerverse HQ of an imminent relocation once more, designs and plans have been ongoing and taking shape for a new virtual home as well. Adjust any links you may have accordingly, as, in the next week or so, you will find Boomerverse HQ over @ and the new blog @ where all outpourings of nonsense, pictures and music will be found. As I read somewhere recently, you need to stake out your own little piece of interweb real estate, something long thought about and subject to much procrastintion. Well, as the grey hairs now appearing are evidence, I’m not getting any younger, and time is a race I doubt I’m going to win at, even if I had a head start. So, time to get a move on….

On a new note, I’ve begun tutoring again, get in touch if you’re struggling with maths, either in the UK or Canada. Not wanting to blow my own trumpet, but I’ve already managed to get a lady through her GCSE equivalency exam within 2 weeks of starting, after she hadn’t done a thing mathematically, for the best part of 20 yrs and even then was so awful, (her words, not mine) she never got entered for the exam.

If you’re near enough we can meet up, if not, online tutoring is now the way things get done. Either way, get in touch or head over to the new revamped Mathsmasters website, @

In the garden, the tomato plants are coming on a treat, as are the courgettes, which leads us to the thought that the next place we look for has some more growing space for future harvests. Not to mention chickens….

Other than that, plans are, as always, “fluid”….