Jesus Boom, in Phantomville (….


1984? It’ll never happen, I was told….

Nothing I could say could wake you from the sleep you’ve walked into.

Devil May Care

The name’s Bond, James Bond….

He’s calling your name, from the end of a gun.

You Kill Me

I’ve been gone for long time,
Who in the world’s gonna save you now?

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  1. Looking forward to finding some original stuff here soon.
    Still have a listen to ‘infinite chain of smiles’ every now and then.

  2. MR C! The old Infinite Chain of Smiles album on tape, eh! Still got a few of them kicking around myself somewhere. I’ll send ya an email, now I have an address for you.

    Take it easy!

  3. Sorry I missed the Tom Robinson broadcast and its gone from iplayer now.
    Hit me with an mp3 when you can
    You better let me know if you’re out on tour or there’ll be trouble Mr E!

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