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Looking South from Naramata….


We were somewhere near Naramata, on the opposite side of the lake, a little north of Penticton. The sheer size of Lake Okanagan never ceases to amaze me.

Looking South...

And this next one, is looking north. you can make out the little outcrop of land that you can see looking south in the first picture. And, yeah, it’s the same lake that we see every morning waking up, nearly 50 miles north in Kelowna. Mind boggling….

Looking North, from Penticton....

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We’re still here….


I know, I know. There’s been no news posted for a while. Sorry. The kids have been on holiday for the last 2 weeks, so I haven’t had much of a chance to even use my computers… they’re back tomorrow, so thankfully I can get back on.

….we’re still alive anyway.

See the Jeep?....

So, what else you say;

Well, Leigh has set up her own website, so she can start getting more of her artwork and creations out there. You can find it at

She also is getting pieces ready for another exhibtion that she is doing with her friend in a couple of weeks. We are surrounded by dogwood vines and vine quails at the moment….

Holly has been off for a couple of weeks, but she is rehearsing for the next show, "The Little Mermaid". She’s quite chuffed this time as she has been given the role of one of Ariel, the star mermaid’s, sister.

Samuel is waiting for the outdoor soccer league to start in a couple of weeks. It’s a little worrying, as I’ve been called a number of times to see if I can be the coach. They seem to be short of helpers! Move over Sir Alex, there may be a new force in world soccer…

He has also moved on from his t-shirt enterprise, to the next web based venture. An info site for Kelowna, From The Okanagan, (click here to visit). He’s pestering me for all sorts of stuff now, from priniting flyers for advertisers to sorting out photos and news items.

As for me, I’ve been swimming with the kids a couple of times a week, to get fit and  going to "hot yoga" with Leigh. Yeah, yeah, get the jokes out the way now…. you try it. Yoga in a room, heated to a temperature of 105F and 50% humidity! I am losing weight though which is good. I can’t stand jogging, so this is a trade off.

Also I’ve been getting into recording music again. The beauty of the internet means I can record my singing here, then send it across to my brother in the UK, whereby he then drops it into the rest of the track. Having an Apple Mac makes the whole thing a hell of a lot easier too. I’m also hoping to start work on a CD with a friend who is in New Zealand soon, using the same method. Check out the setup…

Recording again....

Other than that, we’re keeping busy.

I’m being called by the family now, we’re heading to the top of the mountain behnd the house this afternoon. We’ve only ever been halfway, so today we’re going to the top. Sandwich’s are packed, along with the tea. Pictures later….

So, over and out for now…


See more photos at our online Photo Album, click here

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We are the Champions, my friends….


They played superbly, right up to the end, in every game. They played as a team, they got stuck in and when they went a goal down, it simply fired them up and made them fight that little bit harder. They won every game.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the undefeated, undisputed, champions of the Okanagan Indoor Season,….

The Green Team.

We are the Champions!.... 

Well done, lads! All of ’em are superstars.

In fact all the teams played brilliantly, it was great fun to watch, every boy gave it their best.

The oudoor season starts in April, let’s hope it’s as much fun as these last couple of sessions have been.

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