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The kids first “proper loud gig” is nearly here….

Muse are in Vancouver and as I’ve said before, after missing Elbow, the missus and me weren’t going to make the same mistake. It was going to be a secret for the kids, that was very nearly kept intact, until they discovered that their mother had put it on the calender….

…. we’re getting excited! Can’t wait to see the kids faces when it gets loud!!!

Where Have All The Males Gone….


Never mind the vampires, I’ve just seen a rather frightening CBC documentary….

I had a comment the other day,…

"Wow, look at your son! Look at the size of him. What are you feeding him, steroids?"

"Actually, no. The meat I feed him hasn’t got any. How come your boy is tiny?"

As always, anyone who knows me, you were warned. This hasn’t just come out of the blue.

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Homebrew Launches….


"Let’s make our own!", he said. Well, the time has arrived….

Bottles are ready and bottling begins in under 24 hours! My european lager is ready to go, although the wine, a delightful Malbec, is still a few weeks off.

Next step, is my own vineyard….

In the meantime, the missus, Miss, and Grandma, are off to some midnight launch of the New Moon DVD. Some "do" or other is going on at a local store. I’m staying at home, to polish a bottle of the old "el vino", after "beer bottle prep"…. I don’t do vampires.

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Every so often, we get the urge to go back to the UK….

… and there’s always something that smacks me up sharp, to make me change my mind….

I guess it would be a mistake then. I’ve always got a camera with me, snapping shots of this and that, buildings, sunsets, clouds, people…. clearly, I’m up to no good. I deserve to have my collar felt.

So, when the civil liberties people banged on and on about the fact that the laws they brought in, to make you feel safe, would eventually be turned on you, nobody wanted to know. Pop Idol was on, or something far more important to distract you from the more serious things going on….

Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both. Benjamin Franklin

They were right. Can’t say I didn’t try to warn you.

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Doing a bit of tutoring in the Streaming Cafe a few weeks back and heard a CD they were playing, which blew me away….

So when I found out Vancouver based artist, Adaline, was coming to the cafe for a show, it was one we had to go to. If you want to see the show itself, head over to the cafe’s website and search the archive section. In the meantime, she has just released her first Enjoy….

Good, eh…. sure beats the crap you get fed on Pop Idol, that’s for sure. There’s talent out there, you just have to work a little harder to find it sometimes…..

The CD has been on repeat for the last few days now, with Holly belting out the song in the video.

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